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Otis Clayborne & Associates Realty is looking for dedicated, motivated, committed and aggressive persons to expand its line of services to include an in house Mortgage Company. Individuals desiring a career in Real Estate, Finance, Marketing, Sales & Consultation are encouraged to apply.

The ultimate goal of this firm is to provide a One Stop Shopping experience for its clients. Otis Clayborne & Associates Realty was founded and predicated on requiring the highest degree of professional ethics of its employees. Applicants should, therefore, be honest & disciplined as well as credible with integrity beyond reproach.

Employees must:

  • Be cognizant of and sensitive to individual customer needs and desires
  • Be able to learn technical material quickly
  • Be receptive to coaching
  • Be able to work independently after being trained
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Own and operate a laptop computer with the capability of receiving faxes
  • Maintain a clean, neat motor vehicle dress as a professional—DRESS FOR SUCCESS

At Otis Clayborne & Associates, we are not necessarily interested in becoming the largest firm; however, we are interested in being ‘THE BEST’ REAL ESTATE FIRM.

If you desire to become a part of our progressive Team of Professionals, please click the link that corresponds to your area of interests to determine your specific requirements, i.e. Real estate agent, Loan officer, etc. After your requirements have been identified, simply complete the Personal Data Entry and click submit.

Thank you for considering our Firm.

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